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Flat Sheets

Gusclad Cladding, Insulated Panel Manufacturer

Flat Sheeting

  • Flat sheeting can be cut to order at Gusclad Ltd.
  • Generally the sheeting is no wider than 1250mm wide and can come in standard lengths of 3m
  • We have availability on all colours (please see our colour chart) in flat sheeting and in a range of gauges from .5 to .7 in both PVC and Polyester finish.

Flat Sheeting At A Glance

  • Available in all lengths and up to 1250mm wide
  • Available in all colours
  • .5 to .7 gauge
  • PVC and Polyester finishes

The 0.5mm is available in a polyester finish and a pvc finish. the 0.6mm is available in the polyester finish only and the 0.7mm is available in the pvc finish only.