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Flashings are angle pieces that can be custom made to finish off a building neatly and seal off any angle pieces between sheeting. We can manufacture flashings in either a polyester or a pvc finish.

Details on Flashings

All our flashings can be made in various widths and lengths to suit customers requirements.

The standard length of all flashings is 3000mm.

Some standard flashings are kept in stock in standard colours such as Black, Brown, Juniper Green and Slate Grey these flashings include:

Ridge standard at 200mmx200mm(8inch by 8inch) 3mtr long

Barge standard at 150mmx150mm(6inch by 6inch) 3mtr long

Corners standard at 150mmx150mm(6inch by 6inch) 3mtr long

Drip Rail at 100mmx40mmx40mm 3mtr long

Door flashings

Cleader Rail (1.5mm galvanised) 3″ by 3″

Pre cut Drip rail corners

Flashings At A Glance

  • Cut to customers required width, 3m length & width 1.250m
  • PVC & Polyester finishes
  • Full range of colours available
  • Made to order and can match existing flashings

On the above shed, ridge flashing has been used where the two sides of the roof meet. The barge flashing runs down the length of the sheet from ridge to gutter. the corner flashing is used where two side walls meet.

PVC Range of colours


Products should be covered or stored in a dry place  if not used immediately. This is to prevent the ingress of water, which could damage the cladding.


While Gusclad Ltd will endeavour to meet our delivery estimates. Gusclad Ltd cannot guarantee delivery within the time frames and will not accept responsibility if your order is delivered outside the 5-15 working days time frame. We would strongly recommend that you do not arrange for tradesmen to carry out work on your behalf until your order has actually been delivered. Any shortages on deliveries must be reported to our office within 24hours of delivery.