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Curved and Cocktailed Sheeting

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Curved roof

Curved Roof

Curved Roof

Curved Roof

Here at Gusclad Ltd we can also curve and cocktail sheeting to your requirements. Curved sheeting would usually be the preferred choice for some farm building, but more and more it is found in residential and commercial building. The Curved sheets are  from our range of Agriclad, 0.6mm poly and 0.7mm pvc Corrugated cladding.

Curved roofs would normally consist of 3 or 5 sheets. This could be 2no 8ft sheets and 1no 9ft sheet. We will need to know the rise of the roof to get the curve of the building. By using the rise on the roof and the measurement from wall plate to wall plate, we can calculate the radius of the sheets. The full length of the curve will also be required.

For a closer look at Curved roof Construction on a house,  check out


Products should be covered or stored in a dry place  if not used immediately. This is to prevent the ingress of water, which could damage the cladding.


While Gusclad Ltd will endeavour to meet our delivery estimates. Gusclad Ltd cannot guarantee delivery within the time frames and will not accept responsibility if your order is delivered outside the 5-15 working days time frame. We would strongly recommend that you do not arrange for tradesmen to carry out work on your behalf until your order has actually been delivered. Any shortages on deliveries must be reported to our office within 24hours of delivery.


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