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Details on Corrugated Materials

Available in up to 10 colours from .5mm gauge to .7mm gauge.

Available in PVC(10) and Polyester(4) finish.

All sheets are cut to length.

Corrugated material can be vented, curved, cock-tailed and can have anti-con applied to the back of it.

Clearlights are available to suit in the same profile in any length up to 6.705m

Corrugated Sheeting At A Glance

  • Choice of up to 10 colours
  • PVC and Polyester finish
  • .5 to .7 gauge
  • Sheets cut to exact lengths required
  • Clearlight available to suit
  • Non Drip is available
  • Venting is available
  • Curving and cocktailing is available

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