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Details on Corrugated Materials

Corrugated sheeting can be used on roofs or walls of many different types of buildings. The sheets can be hung vertical or horizontal. Our building in Ballyfarnon has the corrugated sheet hung horizontal on the front face of the building. This gives the corrugated sheeting a slightly different look

The Corrugated sheets are available in up to 10 colour from .5mm gauge to .7mm gauge. The colour choice will be be based on the finish and the gauge of the sheeting.

Available in PVC 0.5mm(10 colours) and Polyester 0.5mm (4 colours) finish. We can also supply Polyester 0.6mm (2 colours), Pvc 0.7mm ( smaller range of colours).

All sheets are cut to length and are 1m cover, plus the overlap on top of that.

Corrugated material can be vented, curved, cock-tailed and spaced. Gusclad can have anti-con applied to the back of the standard sheets. Unfortunately, we can not apply nondrip coating to curved or cocktailed sheets.

Clearlights are available to suit in the same profile in lengths of 3.048m(10ft), 3.657m(12ft), 4.876m(16ft) and 6.705m(22ft).

Corrugated Sheeting At A Glance

  • Choice of up to 10 colour
  • PVC and Polyester finish
  • .5 to .7 gauge
  • Sheets cut to exact lengths required
  • Clearlight available to suit
  • Non Drip is available
  • Venting is available
  • Curving and cocktailing is available


The Corrugated profile is available in a Agriclad which is the grant approved sheet. This would be used in building that house animals. The agriclad sheet can be vented to allow extra ventilation in the building. We can also curve the agriclad sheets in the corrugated profile. The Agriclad sheets are available in Juniper green and Slate Grey and are 0.55mm gauge. The sheets can be cut to length.


Products should be covered or stored in a dry place  if not used immediately. This is to prevent the ingress of water, which could damage the cladding.


While Gusclad Ltd will endeavour to meet our delivery estimates. Gusclad Ltd cannot guarantee delivery within the time frames and will not accept responsibility if your order is delivered outside the 5-15 working days time frame. We would strongly recommend that you do not arrange for tradesmen to carry out work on your behalf until your order has actually been delivered. Any shortages on deliveries must be reported to our office within 24hours of delivery.



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